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Five golden rules for... data grabbing at events

Events are no longer about long general sessions—data is driving decisions around developing an event strategy that aligns with marketing goals and provides valuable insights that can drive measurable business growth.

Set your objectives

Selene Chin, managing director of digital studio Pico Pixel, suggests asking yourself: “What do you want to get out of your subscribers? And what do you intend to ‘do’ with them?” Knowing these answers will help chart the profile and types of data you need to collect. For instance, when building a subscriber base for future events, capture roles and interests so you know what to push during event marketing.

Plan it right from the start

Building a subscriber base needs to be prioritised from the start—from pre- through to post-event, says Chin. “Tools like event apps are always helpful, as they enable attendees to create a profile, and allow you to start engaging with them,” she says. The more you engage, the more you get to know your audience.

Integrate, integrate, integrate

With all the data you collect, make sure to integrate it back into your central marketing or sales database so that you have a full and robust picture of every contact. This includes their touch points, sales history and interaction records—and of course, the events of yours they have attended.


** The content above is only an extract of the original full article posted on CEI Asia’s November 2016 e-newsletter.

Source: CEI Asia, 23 November 2016

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