2014 Taipei Auto Show

Pico serviced two global brands at the biennial Taipei International Auto Show held at the Taipei World Trade Center: Mercedes-Benz and Suzuki.

Leading luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz’s brand concept for their 1,350 sq. m. international scale exhibition stand was ‘the best or nothing’, and introduced an international-scale exhibition stand which included their classic silver arrow design. The stand showcased the advanced technology of Mercedes-Benz, and successfully linked the past, present and future of this iconic brand.

Lively Japanese carmaker Suzuki has always believed that everyone has a unique way of living, and that this is reflected through their different styles and tastes. They also believe that driving is not just a way of moving, it is an essential way of experiencing the fun of every step of your life. At the Taipei Auto Show, Pico helped design, fabricate and project manage the energetic and fun 432 sq. m. showcase for the Suzuki Swift, SX4, Alto, Jimny and Grand Vitara JP products. Suzuki also introduced some mind-blowing and groundbreaking new concept cars, which exceeded the expectations of everyone in the audience.

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Mercedes Benz  |  Suzuki
2014 Taipei Auto Show