2016 Nasser Bin Hamad International Youth Creativity Awards Ceremony

The main objective of the Bahrain Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs is to develop a set of programmes for youths which will enable them to enrich the sustainable development and competitive edge of the Kingdom. Every year, the Ministry puts on the Nasser Bin Hamad International Youth Creativity Award, which seeks to attract and develop talent and promote innovation by reducing the obstacles faced by many of the world’s youth, providing them with the opportunity to express themselves and their talents and involve them in the development of their nation.

The Ministry called on Pico to bring this year’s awards ceremony to life by creating an inspiring and innovative setting for this international gathering of youth awardees. Held at Shaikh Khalifa Sports City Hall, the ceremony focused on the theme of living “Beyond the Dream”. Our teams created a multi-faceted stage set comprised of multiple LED screens of various shapes and sizes, both suspended and stacked. This unique set became the backdrop for an innovative and dramatic grand awards ceremony, which saw a number of surprising and delightful performances by aerial acrobats and even a midair violin recital. The award nominees themselves were concealed behind closed doors, with the host opening the relevant door to reveal the winners of each category.

The innovative stage set used steel scaffolding with embedded lighting as supporting structures for the stage platform and custom structures built in place for the backdrop, framing the LED screen. Custom frames were also produced for the hanging LED screens, and a variety of looks created for the stage through the clever use of intelligent and conventional lights which accentuated colourful animated graphics on the screens. As with other awards ceremonies in the past, the Ministry was more than satisfied with Pico’s delivery.

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2016 Nasser Bin Hamad International Youth Creativity Awards Ceremony
Isa Town
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