32nd Computex

Pico took multi-tasking to a new level at the 32nd Computex Information and Communication Technologies trade show this June. Providing a variety of services to more than 20 clients in four exhibition halls at the Taipei World Trade Centre and Taipei International Convention Centre, Pico used unconventional and exciting ideas to help bring the latest technology alive for clients including Foxconn, FEC, Unitech and Posiflex.

The FEC booth was particularly noteworthy, as it underlined the client’s expertise in POS systems in an eye-catching way - by using a mirror refraction technique, our creative team created the illusion of a fully-stocked drinks machine, complete with colourful, shiny bottles.

By giving each stand a distinctive look and feel, Pico teams satisfied every client requirement in unique and different ways.


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Foxconn  |  FEC  |  Unitech  |  Posiflex
32nd Computex Information and Communication Technologies Trade Show