Affordable Art Fair 2015

In 1996, Will’s Art Warehouse opened in London to create a bridge between the increasing public interest in contemporary art and the London gallery scene. By concentrating on relatively unknown artists, this ‘warehouse gallery’ was able to sell works from over 150 artists affordable prices. The response exceeded expectations and soon the Affordable Art Fair phenomenon was born, spawning other shows around the world. For the Hong Kong show, the concept is simple yet unique: provide an inspiring and friendly atmosphere with thousands of original paintings, prints, sculpture and photographs under one roof, all priced between HK $1,000 and HK $100,000.

Pico proudly provided design, build and project management services for the Affordable Art Fair 2015 in Hong Kong, designing and fabricating booths for all 130 participating galleries and a number of interesting and exciting decorative items within the 2,800 sq. m. fairground. Our team’s objective was to create a ‘wow’ effect for the entire fair and ensure that visitors were intrigued and enticed to visit each and every corner of the exhibition. This ensured that the ultimate goal was achieved: that everyone who values art was able get started on the affordable art path by exploring their options and getting to know the artists.

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Affordable Art Fair 2015
Hong Kong
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