ARTISTRY Roadshows Bring Beauty to China

Pico recently helped Amway, to penetrate their world-famous skin care and cosmetics brand ARTISTRY into major cities in China with two major roadshows. The first was the ‘Pure White Tour’, which visited the finest shopping malls in seven major cities - Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Nanjing. Next came the ‘Anti-Aging Tour’, which called on five major cities.

To delight VIPs and visitors alike and to help boost onsite sales, Pico planned a program full of surprises, including skin tests, make-up areas and the exceptionally popular Marie Claire Cover Girl photo shooting section. But the hotspot for everyone was the ‘Hero Product Display Corner’, where levitation technology was used to ‘float’ fine ARTISTRY bottles in the air.

Using both Twin-Tower and symmetrical designs, Pico teams managed to greatly enlarge the VIP capacity at each venue; while the clean, white surfaces and multiplelighting elements helped fully reveal ARTISTRY’s elegant yet powerful brand image to the Chinese public.

Delighted clients commented that Pico helped them deliver the best booth design and execution ever.

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ARTISTRY Roadshows