Audi ‘Land of Quattro’ Launches in Shangri-La, China

After rolling out in Australia, Canada, Japan, Italy and other globally significant locations, Audi’s ‘Land of Quattro’ strategic launch campaign arrived in China in late May; making its debut in China’s magical Shangri-La county, in northwestern Yunnan province.

This innovative campaign, which was both global in scope but localised for each country was designed to demonstrate and show off the capabilities of Audi’s Quattro four wheel drive series over a range of demanding and inhospitable landscapes.

Pico was appointed to decorate the immense 15,000 sq. m. site, constructed on a deserted steppe in Yunnan’s Napa grassland. Event locations do not get more challenging than this: besides the ever-present danger of serious acute mountain sickness lurking at the 3,200 m. high site, our teams needed to communicate in several languages, including Tibetan. The site area was enormous and the task schedule was tight with no room for error.

There was still time to consider the environment though - we used solar panels to generate electricity onsite, lowering the demand for other power supplies. We also constructed a large stage to protect the grassland from the impact of the numerous visitors, VIPs and the show vehicles.

After a massive effort where the team put the pedal to the metal in demanding conditions, we ended up with a fantastic site and a project we can all be proud of.

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Audi ‘Land of Quattro’ Launches
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