Audi Experience Week

Thanks to the enormous success of 2012’s Audi Cube roadshow, FAW Audi decided to extend their campaign through 2013 in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, to continue to drive the brand using innovation as the platform to create delightful and unforgettable experiences for Audi customers. Pico’s task was to ‘humanise’ the technologies behind Audi's futuristic technology and give insight into future car development in a straightforward and engaging way, allowing consumers to grasp and relate to the technology behind and inside their products and build affinity with the brand.

To realise this goal, Audi explained their technology via three different 'directions': Audi connect, e-tron and Ultra – focusing on connectivity with the Internet, the science behind an electric car and advances made in aluminum structure respectively. The 400 sq. m. modular space was newly designed, fabricated, and carefully divided into four main experiential zones – Connect, e-tron, Ultra and Land of Quattro. Inside, the gallery became a giant arcade where entertainment and engagement never ended. Here visitors could live every turn, bump and thrill of the Land of Quattro journey through a 4D cinematic experience, generate power for an electric car, and examine the inside of an Audi car via an x-ray machine among a host of other activities. Each of these were designed to make the ‘under the hood’ technology simple, and explain complicated concepts in the clearest and most engaging way; powering FAW Audi to even greater heights with their audience.

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Audi Experience Week
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