BMW M Power Day 2016

In early July, Incheon South Korea is always hot, steamy and filled with promise. This electric atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for the BMW M Power Day 2016 – an exclusive event organised by the global automotive icon, which saw VVIPs and their companions invited on a thrilling excursion from Hong Kong to Korea. Here, they attended intensive driving courses, learned more about the latest BMW models, and visited the BMW Driving Centre to check out new cars, receiving official BMW certificates at the end of the course.

Pico teams from Hong Kong and Korea worked together to make this exclusive trip as delightful as possible for the participants, providing on-site guest experience management services, including creating exquisite customised giveaways and producing digital record that captured VVI Ps’ unique driving experiences.

This quick but action-packed trip was a huge treat for the participants and the organisers alike, filled with unique and exciting experiences which reminded everyone of the thrill and excitement of these high-tech luxury vehicles.

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BMW M Power Day 2016
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