China SAPPHIRE NOW and TechEd

SAP turned to Pico to organise and project manage their large and impressive inaugural China conference. The China SAPPHIRE NOW and TechEd event was held in Beijing.

The thrust of the event was relatively simple: prove to the audience that SAP is creating value, innovation and opportunities within China and for China. However, with 15,000 attendees, there were a vast number of elements to the conference which called for Pico’s experience and creativity to ensure a successful delivery.

Pico helped ensure the SAP brand was properly activated by ensuring the SAP brand message was delivered to the attendees and stakeholders through the production of keynotes and on-site branded advertising.

The event was extremely successful - reaching over 50 thousand SAP customers and partners in Beijing and across China. The 15,000 attendees yielded over 3,800 leads. Media stories abounded, with over 262 unique stories about the event published in China alone, and other stories published across the region, by international journalists coming from India to Japan and beyond.

This great success was due to the level of involvement by Pico in the planning, design and production of all the essential event elements. From the project managers who communicated daily with SAP stakeholders on critical issues to the creative team, who stayed fully briefed on the event guidelines and design requirements; all members of the Pico team made sure the highest quality work was delivered to the customer at every phase of the project.

And that’s what we do best.

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China SAPPHIRE NOW and TechEd
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