Cool is King at Chevrolet Sonic Launches

Launches of new car models are highly competitive events - each launch has to be better and more spectacular than the last. That’s why Chevrolet Sales (Thailand) pulled out all the stops for the multiple launches of its new Chevrolet Sonic.

Specifically marketed to the ‘Thai Gen-Y’ market, the brand-new Sonic represents the ultimate in cool and trendy motoring and the media launch, public launch and subsequent Up Country sales tour all had to reflect this.

Young consumers are particularly savvy, so to make this campaign work, the client turned to Pico. Chevrolet Sales knew that we had the experience and flexibility to handle the entire launch campaign - all the way from pre-launch to the later sales events. From concept to logistics and technical design, event management and scheduling and finally event production, Pico took care of everything.

Pre-launch buzz began at the International Motor Show’s press day, with an exciting show in the presence of 400 members of the media. This laid the groundwork for the thrilling media launch, which literally put journalists behind the wheel - driving themselves in a fleet of new Sonics and using GPS to navigate their own way to ‘Sonic City’, a specially-constructed 7,500 sq. m. yard. Once there, they learned the essence of urban driving, enjoying the Sonic’s nimble, sure-footed handling around a forest of large containers.

All this was underpinned by a massive social media campaign using the tagline ‘Show us what is So You’ - gaining almost 5,000 Facebook ‘likes’ in two days. The campaign included a Live Digital Painting activity, which used motion capture and projection mapping technology to ‘paint’ a Sonic.

The public launch was followed immediately by the Sonic Satellite Roadshow, which took the car on a three-month, 12-city nationwide tour. The roadshow proved that an excellent launch translates into excellent sales - the new Sonic has notched up record sales figures at dealerships around Thailand.

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Chevrolet Sonic Launches
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