CTBC Financial Park Opening Events

CTBC is one of the largest privately-owned banks in Taiwan. Over the past five years, the bank invested over 15 billion RMB in developing the CTBC Financial Park inside the Nangang Trade and Economic Park, which was recently opened.

The bank held various activities to celebrate the park’s grand opening: an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, a performance of the classic Taiwanese drama ‘Paper Windmill Fantasia’, the CTBC Carnival and a large, well-attended concert. Pico designed, organised, event managed and provided multimedia services for each of these celebrations. To share their happiness, CTBC invited their staff, clients, the community and the public to enjoy these activities.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Lee Tenghui, the former President, and other guests gathered at the park to witness the official opening of the three buildings. Performances by the U-Theatre and New Image Theatre Group took inspiration from the design of the park, breaking the constraints of height and space and created a memorable housewarming-type atmosphere.

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CTBC Financial Park Opening Events
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