Decking the Halls with Festive Déco

November through February is traditionally a very festive period in Hong Kong, and it makes for a very exciting and dynamic retail environment. Christmas cheer quickly transitions to Chinese New Year celebrations, and joy and festive fun are everywhere.During this extended holiday season, almost every shopping mall and building in the city are dressed up and decorated to entertain visitors and keep shoppers in a jolly mood. This ‘decorative spirit’ leads to a lot of friendly competition, with each mall trying to out-do the other with creative, artistic and elaborate designs.

In 2012/2013, Pico played a big part in creating uniquely magical environments at numerous locations across the city. For Christmas, we helped create fairy tale enchantment, piles of giant presents and snowy scenes at several shopping malls and amusement parks. Our creations were uploaded to social media sites thousands of times, providing beautiful backdrops for smiling revellers - generating lasting memories for them and great publicity for the venues.

Chinese New Year presented an unusual challenge for Pico. Traditionally, shopping malls and other venues across Hong Kong are decorated with the corresponding year’s Chinese Zodiac animal (Rabbit, Dragon, Dog and so on) to symbolise fortune and happiness. But 2013 marked the beginning of the Year of the Snake: not exactly the cutest animal of the bunch! This meant employing extra creativity to project the spirit of Chinese New Year in other ways. Our ‘workaround’ was to use other festive elements such as pandas, peach blossoms and the color red - all of which symbolise good fortune and prosperity.

Another more obvious challenge were the time constraints - with Christmas and Chinese New Year happening basically back to back, our teams had less than one month to setup and install most displays, sometimes considerably less. However, our experience helped us with time management and our team spirit allowed us leverage all our resources and tackle the task with creativity and enthusiasm.

Pico helped create memories that will last a lifetime and brought festive sparkle and shine to venues across Hong Kong during the holidays. We’re looking forward to starting the process all over again in November 2013!

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