Defence Science Revealed!

The world of Defence Science is a mysterious one, one that is commonly seen as the exclusive domain of spies and the military. For their 40th anniversary, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore’s national defense R&D organisation, decided to ‘lift the curtain’ and give the public a glimpse into the incredible scientific achievements behind some of the world’s military marvels.

The result was Defence Science Revealed (DSR), the largest defence science exhibition ever held in Singapore. Tasked with the development and fabrication of DSR, Pico and Gallagher & Associates Asia (GAA) were responsible for the project management, concept development, exhibit and interactive design, fabrication, set-up, graphic printing and installation management.

The 1,400 sq m. exhibition featured three zones – Surveillance and Stealth, Science of Flight and Armour and Protection. Visitors were presented with an impressive line-up of interactive exhibits, multimedia games and enriching workshops.

The challenge was to ensure that the complicated science was explained in a simple yet succinct manner such that visitors, especially children, could understand and engage with the exhibits. Much of the science behind the advanced military technology is so complex and many sessions were conducted with the client to ensure that the full breadth of the content was understood and interpreted accurately.

Conceptualising the appropriate interactive strategies presented a further challenge, as Pico and GAA worked to provide a layered visitor experience throughout the gallery. Tactile, multimedia and mechanical interactives were integrated into the exhibit design to provide a comprehensive interpretation of the content.

Pico and GAA executed the project deliverables on-time and on-budget in a professional manner. More importantly, visitors underwent an immersive and educational experience that left many in awe of the inner workings behind modern day defence technologies like ste

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Defence Science Revealed!
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