Dow at Chinacoat 2010

Products and companies wishing to portray themselves as environmentally-friendly do not necessarily have to lead with a strong ‘green’ message. Often, more subtle approaches can have surprisingly effective results.

Dow Coatings’ initial participation in the Chinacoat in 2010 brought together three different business units for the first time. As such, the design needs of the client were straightforward yet demanding, requiring the Pico design team to present a unified corporate message, project an image of environmental responsibility and create a ‘daring yet functional’ display. 

To bring all the necessary elements together, a unifying ‘flowers’ theme was chosen. This theme was projected and repeated in a number of ways, the most obvious of which was the booth’s large, conspicuous central petal structures, which effectively delivered the central theme of flowers and hinted at environmental responsibility. 

Throughout the booth, light colour washes, translucency and peripheral flower, leaf and dewdrop elements reinforced the theme, while creating a sense of space and a feeling of being surrounded by nature. At the same time more functional elements were unobtrusively integrated into the display.

The striking and beautiful booth succeeded on all counts, delivering the appropriate messages, attracting a large amount of interest and raising Dow Coatings’ brand value for existing and new clients.

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China Coat 2010
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