Ecopark Visitor Center

In recent years, Hong Kong has made great strides in boosting awareness of what its residents can do to protect the environment. One of the latest products of that effort is the Environmental Protection Department’s new Visitor Centre, which opened in early 2010 at EcoPark, Tuen Mun.

Designed to promote sustainable education and community support for long-term solutions to environmental issues, the 1,000 square-metre facility contains nine galleries, each focusing on a different facet of awareness towards waste management. Visitors can join guided tours of up to 40 people, moving through the space in one direction with the same start and end point.

Along the way, visitors are treated to an engaging experience designed to provoke thought as much as inform. Galleries are equipped with life-size exhibits, interactive multimedia displays, games and video presentations with an appeal that extends across the entire spectrum of ages and social strata. Textual information is presented separately from background graphics to allow for easy updates, while dynamic visuals are displayed using LCDs and video projections.

The Centre’s anchor display is a life-size, 148 square-metre landfill diorama largely made from glass reinforced polymer.  With its floor covered by a 3M sticker of dirt and protruding rubbish, the display is a sober reminder of how much waste is actually generated by urban habitats.

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Ecopark Visitor Center
Hong Kong