Engaging Advice’s Dealers in a High Seas Adventure

Advice, Thailand’s largest distributor of IT products, was looking for an unusual and exciting dealer’s conference designed to unite and motivate the company’s nationwide team.

Seeking to create something totally unique, Pico organised a ‘high seas adventure’, sending 500 distributors to Thailand’s remote Koh Chang island for three days and two nights. Participants had to work together in teams to overcome physical and mental obstacles, fight their way to success and celebrate their achievements.

Focusing on creating an imaginative and exciting storyline which appealed to all participants, our teams created highly realistic designs and activities for the ‘Unexpected Pirates of Advice’ adventure.

Poor weather, the restrictions of the venue and the differing needs of the 500 participants also provided a series of obstacles and created adventures for Pico’s sturdy crew. But through challenge comes inspiration, and the Pico team battled through, helping the participants bond with each other as they moved from one thrilling experience to another.

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Engaging Advice’s Dealers in a High Seas Adventure
Koh Chang island