FDI 100th Annual World Dental Congress

The FDI, the Fédération Dentaire Internationale (International Federation of Dentists) selected Hong Kong to host and celebrate its 100th Annual World Dental Congress. Representing over one million professionals in the dental field across the globe, FDI’s ultimate mission is to encourage the expertise and education of its members in an effort to make continuous progress in oral healthcare.

The Annual World Dental Congress is the FDI’s decisive platform for the sharing and exchange of information in dentistry, visitors can expect to learn about the latest developments from both international and regional experts, topics from a carefully prepared scientific programme. This, the 100th Congress was a landmark edition of the show.

Pico played an integral role in ensuring that over 200 exhibitors and companies successfully showcased their latest dental innovations, products and technologies to visitors. Pico also provided 36 special design booths for companies including Colgate and Unilever.

To achieve this result, all teams had to grit their teeth and put their noses to the grindstone, from the booth design and production process right through to execution and delivery in late August 2012. Thanks to well-orchestrated coordination and solid communication between all parties, the ultimate result was a historic, successful and well-attended congress.

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FDI 100th Annual World Dental Congress
Hong Kong