FutureChina Global Forum

Designing and project-managing serious political events is not for the inexperienced or the faint of heart. In the event-management world, forums, debates, meetings and symposiums with high-profile or VIP guests require organizers to have top-level skills.

The Future China Global Forum is held once a year, and is a two-day event where high profile speakers from China and the Asia-Pacific region discuss the speed, breadth and scope of the changes occurring across China. In 2012, the Forum was held in Singapore, where VIP delegates participated in discussions about future business trends in China.

The organization of the event required skillful and precise project management skills. As the speakers and participants consisted of both world leaders and business leaders, communication and coordination had to be nothing short of perfect.

From consolidating delegates’ presentation topics and talking points in order to put together the conference pack, to coordinating vastly complex schedules, ensuring top-level security requirements were adhered to and precisely monitoring the flow of delegates during the actual event; the project team needed to deliver everything flawlessly and on time.

This demanding, formal and serious event required everyone on the project team to give their best performance - and they did!

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FutureChina Global Forum
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