Galleria illy Beijing Fuses Fine Coffee and Fine Art

The luxury coffee brand, illy is devoted to excellence and the search for beauty. While their ultimate mission is to make coffee of the highest order, the love and cultivation of art is also part of the company’s DNA. The fusion of both coffee and art occurs at the highest level in the company’s beautiful temporary art galleries - or as illy calls them,‘culture salons’ - which visit world cities roughly every year.

This, their latest gallery was located inside Parkview Green FangCaoDi, a new compound in the centre of Beijing. Designed to host work by internationally-renowned contemporary Chinese artists and events featuring global leaders in the worlds of art, design, gastronomy and science; the gallery’s arrival marks Beijing as one of the culture capitals of the world.

Pico was honoured to be called on by illycaffè China to provide concept design development and construction for the gallery, as well as event management services for its opening and operations management for its duration - from October to December, 2012.

While most aspects of delivering this project did not present any problems to our experienced teams, one element presented us with a significant challenge: ‘The Giant Chandelier’. The centrepiece of the entire project, the two ton chandelier, was made up of 66 giant illy Art Collection cups placed on a spiral of five wheels and had to be carefully suspended above a public area.

After a massive effort, the chandelier was securely balanced and shortly afterwards, the grand opening was held. Pico’s effort helped gain illycaffè China’s confidence and hopefully, their future business as well!

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Galleria illy Beijing
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