Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre

The 1,200 sq. m. Humanitarian Education Centre at the Red Cross Headquarters in Hong Kong is a somber and frightening place – for a good reason. Designed to educate Hong Kong people about the horrors of war and its aftermath, the Centre provides an educational and experiential trip into the dark heart of humanity.

Pico provided fit-out work, delivered the experiential installations and other associated work in the Exhibition and Exploration Zones of the Centre. The most challenging part of this project was the synchronisation of the AV scene control system. Allowing visitors to see and experience the effects of war on children as they pass through different zones, the system’s sequencing must be perfectly timed in order that the AV production matches with live activities and scenarios.

"Hearty thanks for all your efforts and contribution to make our Humanitarian Education Centre come true. With this Centre in place, we can disseminate humanitarian value and perspectives to the general public, making this world a better one." - Bonnie So, Secretary General, Hong Kong Red Cross

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Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre
Hong Kong