Hong Kong Welcomes China’s Space Heroes

The successful docking of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft with the Tiangong-1 space station module marked a new era in China’s space program. The Shenzhou-9 mission provided the historic first docking between a manned spacecraft and the space lab, and put China’s first female astronaut in space.

Soon after the astronauts’ safe return, a delegation consisting of the astronauts and their support team embarked on a tour of China to celebrate the mission’s achievements and inspire people across the country.

The delegation’s first stop was Hong Kong. Their four day visit involved a number of high-profile activities, one of which was a dialogue session with local secondary and primary students at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the astronauts shared their experiences of the 13-day mission.

Pico event-managed this prestigious session, and were responsible for acting as a liaison between the convention centre and the police department, preparing scripts for speeches, co-ordinating official gift exchanges, and many other duties. We also provided design, build and AV technical services, managing the live video broadcast, MC interview and different aspects of media management.

In the end, 2,000 children and visitors shared in the joy and wonder of space travel and were inspired to follow their dreams - to the stars and beyond.

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