HSBC Women’s Champions

The 2013 HSBC Women’s Champions Golf Tournament in Singapore marked the first time this prestigious tournament was held at the exclusive Sentosa Golf Club. Pico has enjoyed a long and successful golf partnership with HSBC and IMG in cities all across Asia. Providing suite-building services for the several previous golf tournaments, 2013 was made unique by a big move from the previous site at the Tanah Merah Country Club.

This relocation required Pico’s approach to the event to be completely revamped, particularly in terms of structure fabrication, as the new site required a new layout for the suites and structures.

Always up for a challenge, our teams quickly got to work on creating two double-storey buildings – the Hexagon Suite for premium guests and VIPs and the World Suite for HSBC’s valued guests. Pico also built several smaller but no less impressive hospitality suites for luxury brands such as Jaguar, Marina Bay Sands, Ricoh, Rolex, and Singapore International Airlines.

The HSBC World of Sport Village was undoubtedly the teams’ largest endeavour. An impressive 1000 sq. m. in size, the village featured interactive games like a mini tennis court, rugby ball game and golf simulator for the public to explore.

Each game was tied to an HSBC-sponsored sports event, the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens and the world-famous Wimbledon, for example.

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HSBC Women’s Champions
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