Huawei Connect 2016

Huawei Connect 2016 was an integrated conference put on for the global ICT ecosystem in Shanghai earlier this year. A true mega-event, over 20,000 industry leaders came together in Shanghai to help create a better connected world, usher in a smart society, and shape the digital transformation of industries. The largest industry gathering in Huawei’s history, the conference combined Huawei’s cloud congress, network congress, and developer‘s congress into a single dynamic event.

This was an enormous project for Pico, involving two offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Spread over 10,000 sq. m., the conference brought together 18 Huawei business units, connecting and bringing these units together in one hall in a constellation of technology and communication.

The event employed technology like augmented and virtual reality as well as a host of interactive activities. In addition to designing, producing and fabricating many aspects of the event, we also helped Huawei calculate and analyse the visitor numbers to each section to help them determine the most popular booth. Despite the tight timeline and the numerous changes which occurred during the lead up, we delivered a flawless and perfect event which brought our cooperation with Huawei to the next level.

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Huawei Connect 2016