Hurafuna Handicrafts Festival 2016

The Hurafuna Handicrafts Festival was held in Bab Al Bahrain Souq this year. The 10 day festival aims to take Bahrain back to the old days of traditional bazaars and generations-old handicrafts. Pico designed and built a contemporary marquee structure, delivering a perfect setting for the festival.

Traditional décor elements and light motifs created a festive atmosphere at the souq, which hosted spaces for eleven different handicraft arts, including basket weaving, pottery, production of traditional musical instruments and dhow building, along with daily live performances of traditional Bahraini music. The Hurafuna festival is a part of the Manama Capital of Gulf Tourism 2016 calendar of events, which is promoting Manama as a key tourist and commercial destination in the Middle East.

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Hurafuna Handicrafts Festival 2016
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