IMF and World Bank Group Annual Meetings

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank Boards of Governors Annual Meetings are traditionally the largest and most comprehensive gathering of financial decision makers in the world. An impressive venue was paramount.

The project team provided logistic and infrastructural support, which included the provision of 1,032 double-storey office suites, complete with interior design fitting, air-conditioning, lighting, electricity, and telephony for the 16,000 delegates attending the conference. This was the first time that the creative concept of two-storey offices were designed and adopted. The concept used to develop the construction of the offices was a Modular Unit System, utilising pre-fabricated panels and lightweight steel structures.

An additional 25 facilities were delivered which included the plenary stage, press centre, registration hall, security command, provision of large format banners and posters, signage works, temporary hoarding, furniture, equipment and supplies, landscaping, key installation and power supply.

The installation work was impressively completed in 45 days. Pico's effort was subsequently rewarded with a Bronze Award in the "Interior Builder" category from the Singapore Furniture Industries Council in recognition of excellence and contributions to interior design.

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IMF and World Bank Group Annual Meetings