Infiniti at the KL International Motor Show

Purists with an insatiable need for speed and unmatched luxury received a treat at the eighth Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show in the form of a parade of Infiniti performance luxury cars.

Held at the Putra World Trade Centre in November 2013 and delivering 10 straight days of glitz, the 350 sq. m. Infiniti booth was the ultimate magnet for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Pico’s main intent when managing and fabricating the entire project was to capture the imagination of the crowd and have them gravitate to Infiniti’s new electric car.

Designed with awe in mind, Pico bestowed the booth with a ‘celestial’ element through a dazzling halo effect. The impressive booth was also highly interactive. Apart from fabricating the booth itself, Pico also coordinated all things related to the Infiniti booth and planned a number of captivating activities throughout the show’s duration.

Pico’s dedication to task and precise craftsmanship were rewarded when the show organizer awarded the Infiniti booth with the Best Booth Design accolade. 

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Infiniti at the KL International Motor Show
Kuala Lumpur