Jaguar Alive 3.0 Technology Display

Two four-day Jaguar Alive Technology events held recently in Shanghai and Beijing created a lot of buzz in automotive circles. Pico was privileged to have been given the opportunity to fully manage the events and help Jaguar create higher brand awareness with the public.

Audiences in both cities were presented with cutting-edge interactive experiences inside the high-tech Jaguar Dome. The Dome’s concept was centered on the four different components of  ‘Jaguar Alive’ technology: ‘Body’, ‘Soul’, ‘Drive’ and ‘Enjoyment’. Each section of the display revolved around one of these key themes and created curiosity and further engagement.

For ‘Body’, an actual Jaguar XJ car was placed within the central zone of the Dome. The corresponding aluminium frame was installed directly above the vehicle, showcasing its lightweight technology and delivering a unique visual impression to visitors.

The ‘Soul’ section featured Jaguar’s Intuitive Control Technology. Three interactive transparent screens with detailed information about the Jaguar XF model were placed in front of the vehicle’s dashboard. Visitors were invited to play with the touchscreens and use gestures to control them.

In ‘Drive’, visitors activated the engine button and then used hand movements to choose between various driving scenarios propelled by Jaguar’s Adaptive Dynamics Technology. High-definition LED micro tiles provided a dynamic and exciting visual experience.

Finally, in ‘Enjoyment’, an interactive installation of 15 iMac computers highlighted Jaguar’s Rear-Seat Entertainment Technology. With a wave of their hands, visitors were able to see the unique rear seat features of the Jaguar XJ. They were able to choose between music tracks and experience a surround sound system similar to the top of the line Meridian speakers featured in the vehicle.

A combination of striking visuals and successful use of multimedia technology helped drive awareness and excitement about Jaguar Alive Technology at both events. In the end, with over 15,000 visitors on site, these events were a big win both for the client and for Pico.

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Jaguar Alive 3.0 Technology Display
Beijing  |  Shanghai