Macao Science Center

The Macao Science Center is an iconic building designed by Pei Partnership Architects’ Sandi Pei, the son of legendary Chinese-American architect IM Pei. Located on reclaimed land immediately south of Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, the Center contains 14 themed galleries arrayed across multiple storeys and an area of 5,800 square-metres. Of these, 12 are permanent exhibitions, while the ‘Robotics Science’, ‘Exploring Science’ and ‘Science News’ and ‘Environmental Science’galleries package education and information within colourful, dynamic environments.

As the exhibitions are aimed at children and families, they are designed to be very tactile and interactive. A combination of full-scale models, vibrant information panels and other displays entice visitors to discover knowledge through their own actions. Most of the exhibits use a balance of physical scale and colour to create realistic scenarios, accentuated with direct and indirect lighting to highlight important areas and facilitate circulation.

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Macao Science Center