Maybank Islamic at 12th World Islamic Economic Forum 2016

An ‘ordinary’ exhibition booth was out of the question in this project for Maybank Islamic. As an arm of Maybank, Malaysia’s largest bank, and in itself the top Islamic bank in the Asia Pacific region and the fifth largest in the world, Maybank Islamic’s presence at the World Islamic Economic Forum 2016 (WIFE) would necessarily be a high profile exercise in brand reinforcement.

The Forum itself was founded in 2005 and has gone on to become the premier platform for business in the Muslim world. The annual event brings together leaders of government, industry, economies and specialised regional experts from all over the world.

Working closely with Maybank Islamic, the Pico team responsible for the booth’s design and build quickly evolved a contemporary looking proposal that integrated the client’s branding into both its architecture and colour scheme and décor. A key element to the design’s success was its open-plan, which enabled materials used in the build to be simplified. As well as helping the project meet budget requirements, this minimalist approach also solved the buildability issues inherent to the limited resources available on site.

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Maybank Islamic at 12th World Islamic Economic Forum 2016
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