Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong E-Class Launch Event

Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong needed to create an unforgettable and luxurious experience for their VIP clients and new prospects introducing them to their latest and smartest range of cars. The product of over one billion euros of investment and four years of development, we presented the Mercedes-Benz E-class as a true Masterpiece of Intelligence.

A key point for our team was to communicate the value of Mercedes-Benz’s unique new driving technology, present in every aspect of the E-Class, and how this technology has been tailored to the Hong Kong market.

We brought these elements to life by creating close connections with journalists, VIPs and public visitors both before and during the event.

The event itself was intelligently designed and focused fully on the customer. This experience began upon arrival: a 25m long kinetic LED wall display provided interactive visual content, a 180 degree social media sharing photo booth allowed visitors to share the moment with their friends and contacts, and a VR experience zone helped showcase the driving intelligence of the E-class. Afterwards, all the guests were treated to an incredible launch show, an amazing high-velocity driving demonstration and their own personal test drive. Unusually for an event, we gave reporters full access to all aspects of the event, including the interactive driving experience, allowing them to become brand advocates by experiencing the technology first hand.

The gigantic 25m long kinetic LED wall display was the first such wall in Hong Kong programmed to interact with creative visual content and performance.  Our team worked closely with those involved to ensure that the visual content, dance performance and LED movement programming were all perfectly harmonised. The key to solving the challenge was teamwork and communication – by holding regular technical and creative briefings, producing pre-visual renderings allowing the parties to visualise how all the elements worked together, and holding numerous intensive rehearsals, the technicians and artists gelled together and were able to resolve all unexpected and surprising issues ahead of time. The result was a stunning, note-perfect delivery.

As for the venue, the ‘raw’ outdoor space meant that there were issues with keeping the structures level and with potential flooding on uneven ground, especially since the event took place during the rainy Hong Kong summer. These issues were addressed by reworking the venue layout to keep the tent structure away from potential flood zones and by creating a 1,600 sq. m. scaffolding platform and tent structure to ensure the visitors – and the cars! – stayed dry and secure. This necessitated quick thinking and seamless last-minute logistics – two things that Pico excels at.

Facilitating the simultaneous arrival and departure of 850 VIP guests required a multi-pronged approach: we converted an abandoned grassy area into a temporary 4,000 sq. m. car park, and then provided deluxe valet parking services for private drivers. We also arranged branded luxury shuttle buses from various locations and even a branded shuttle boat which travelled from Central direct to West Kowloon.

“Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong is grateful to Pico for the exceptional work they put into our recent E-class launch event. The team demonstrated skill, persistence and outstanding creativity at all stages – from event planning through to final delivery.” - Peter Larko, Head of Marketing Communications & Public Relations, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited


- Facebook launch video attracted 100,000 views
- Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Facebook page saw an increase of 1,000 Likes during launch week, up from the usual figure of 100 new Likes per week
- Generated 400 test drives
- Attracted over 2,000 sales enquiries
- Visitor flow exceeded estimates by 20 per cent: over 3,800 target customers enjoyed the Mercedes-Benz experience during the four-day event.

By highlighting the company’s intelligence and thoughtfulness regarding the Hong Kong market, this launch event drove home that Mercedes-Benz are truly ahead of the pack.

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Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong E-Class Launch Event
Hong Kong
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