Ministry of Education ExCEL Fest

MOE ExCEL Fest is an annual event that celebrates and shares exciting and innovative practices in Singapore schools. ExCEL stands for Excellence through Continuous Enterprise & Learning and is a government-wide initiative to develop the capacity of public officers through continuous learning and improvement. It is also a platform for parents and members of the public to find out more about the latest developments in Singapore’s education landscape.

Known for our ability to design and create engaging experiences across various industries and audiences, the Singapore Ministry of Education appointed Pico to provide full-fledged event services. From provision of design and build services for the 750 sq. m. MOE Pavilion and 55 exhibition booths, co-ordination of 95 sharing session and 25 seminars, creation of the event website as well as all collaterals ranging from informative brochures to event T-shirts, the Pico team is proud to have played a pivotal role in activating a successful 2013 ExCEL Fest.

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