Mystery of the 7th Sense

BMW Thailand launched its latest-generation 7 Series before an audience of leading journalists at an exclusive beachside event in Pattaya. Despite the prevailing economic recession, BMW visualised the event as a strategic public relations tool that would create an impact while maintaining the brand’s momentum.

Providing an underlying theme for the event – and chiming directly with the 7 Series itself – was the concept of ‘seven senses’. Accordingly, rather than offering attendees traditional test drives, guests received letters which each revealed seven unique destinations through the senses. Private helicopters then transported journalists to a secret private party.

In this respect, the glamorous beach bar setting was applied to its best advantage. No construction was required, as light and shadow designs hid elements unnecessary to the party. The addition of black lighting created a colour effect which reflected the client’s brand while adding a touch of mystery to the proceedings.

The final reveal of 7 Series was set against an ancient Thai temple, deliberately contrasting the car’s state-of-the-art  engineering with a historic treasure. Journalists left this memorable event with a strong, positive impression of BMW’s newest vehicle line.

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Mystery of the 7th Sense
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