New Mexico History Museum

New Mexico has a long history, having been a possession of both Spain and Mexico before it became one of the United States. To this day, many of its residents are descendents of Spanish colonists or immigrants from Latin American, and the state also has a high percentage of Native Americans mostly from the Navajo and Pueblo tribes. The New Mexico History Museum is the state’s first museum to chronicles this unique past. It encompasses a total area of 1,100 square-metres and displays a number of carefully selected artefacts to paint a comprehensive picture of New Mexico’s key events.

Colour and lighting were important elements in the design of the exhibition spaces. New Mexico’s canyons and gorges were subtly referenced with shades of terracotta, coral and sand, with horizontal bands along the walls adding textural contrast as well as resembling the land’s geological strata. Lighting is subdued, with highlights on key displays and text, to evoke a sense of viewing cherished possessions within a private residence. The artefacts range from letters and notebooks to clothing, portrait paintings, and maps and guns.

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New Mexico History Museum
Santa Fe