Pico’s Fourth GOYS Youth City 2030

Youth City 2030 is an initiative organised by Bahrain’s General Organisation for Youth and Sport (GOYS). This month-long event focuses on the development of Bahraini youth, particularly in areas of media, leadership development, arts, science, information technology and sports.

Successfully held every year since 2010, Youth City is now an annual event eagerly looked forward to by the youth of Bahrain. This year, Pico was commissioned to create and fabricate an innovative setting for the fourth Youth City 2030.

The transformation of an ordinary exhibition hall into the 6,000 sq. m. Bahrain Youth City began and ended with colour: we wanted to make everything bright and exciting - from the lights to the walls to the structures themselves - in order to make everything as vibrant as possible.

While our teams had prior experience successfully activating past Youth City events, the challenge this time was that we had less than six days to completely transform the exhibition hall, necessitating several round the clock shifts. Thanks to our past experience, we were prepared for the many last-minute variations and new requirements onsite, and had already factored most of these changes into our initial planning.

The event is further testament to the capability, expertise and commitment of Pico teams to pull together and pull out all the stops in the face of an important deadline.

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Youth City 2030
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