Qatar Motor Show 2014

The Qatar International Motor Show (QMS) sits high on the Qatari events calendar and attracts automobile fans and trade professionals from the region and abroad. The goal of QMS 2014, the fourth edition of the show, was to maintain its reputation as a key event on the international automotive exhibition circuit and to contribute to the development of Qatar as a prime MICE destination.

Pico designed and created two stands for Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co., one of the leading automotive distributors in the region and the sole distributor of Nissan, Infiniti and Renault brands in Qatar. Design-wise, we suggested an open concept for both stands to maximise traffic flow and create a welcoming environment where visitors could test and try out their cars of choice with ease. Our team also employed a vast amount of AV, lights and multimedia equipments to make the stands bright, shiny and neat. The handmade back walls on the Nissan stand required solid craftsmanship, with each being hand made using a complicated mirrored stainless steel process. Renault launched its new electric car, the Twizy, on the opening day of the show and Pico provided an excellent platform inside the stand to showcase the eye catching eco-friendly car. Environmental elements were a priority throughout the show, since Pico signed a three-year contract with the client – as such, all structures were designed and constructed to be easily set up and dismantled over the course of additional shows in the years to come.

Pico was also privileged to be appointed to deliver stands for the three pre-eminent automotive companies of Alfardan Group Holding – one of the most high-profile business groups in the country. Pico designed and fabricated stands for MINI, BMW and Rolls-Royce for Alfardan Automobiles; Ferrari and Maserati for Alfardan Premier Motors; and Jaguar and Land Rover for Alfardan Sports Motors. We provided original design work for two stands – MINI-BMW-Rolls-Royce and Ferrari-Maserati – and implemented the client’s design for Jaguar-Land Rover stand; as well as installing and fabricating all three stands at the venue – the new and avant-garde National Convention Centre.

For MINI, BMW and Rolls-Royce we delivered a large booth showcasing each of the three brands in a clean, chic, modern style. Clear wooden panels were accompanied by multiple high-tech logotypes and jazzed up by colourful furniture and the unexpected graphic wall details of the MINI area. The centrepiece was the incredible BMW i-8, accommodated on a slightly curved wooden podium.

For Ferrari and Maserati, we designed an exquisite diptych booth featuring the Middle East’s most beloved premium Italian motor brands. Rich red laminate dominating the Ferrari section made the booth especially recognisable. Luxurious lounges with custom-made furniture created a secret oasis for VIP customers during the show. The simple but elegant Maserati section contrasted perfectly with Ferrari, with its cold, sparkling silver laminates, whimsical brick wall and intricate metallic totems highlighting the brand’s new logos.

Finally, we created a simple, open concept stand for Jaguar and Land Rover, using their agency’s design – a solid ‘wall’ of cars placed around a discreet, spacious lounge in front of a branded back wall decorated with modern graphic pieces.

The project proved to be a challenging journey due to the complex schedule, large project team and multiple unplanned constraints our team faced throughout the preparation and execution phases. Despite these trials, our delivery was an excellent example of the extensive cooperation that is possible to obtain between the sales, creative and production departments; and how working synergistically within a diverse, multicultural team and streamlining multiple communication flows can allow the delivery of superb customer relationship management under significant time constraints. In short – with great teamwork, anything is possible!

Judging from the positive feedback received from the organisers, exhibitors, and visitors, Pico once again helped the client write another successful chapter for the Qatar Motor Show and for the Middle East automotive exhibition market.


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Qatar Motor Show