Roland-Garros in Beijing 2012

To celebrate the French Open and promote ‘tennis à la française’ to a Chinese audience, Pico was invited by Havas Sports Entertainment to design a highly unique exhibition: ‘Roland-Garros in Beijing 2012’ at The Place in Beijing. The exhibition was France’s gift to China, commemorating Li Na’s historic victory at the 2011 French Open.

Including a real clay court, mini-tennis courts and a number of events designed to showcase French fashion and brands such as Peugeot, Lacoste and Longines, the eight-day event was a groundbreaking collision of culture, tennis and celebrations, including a VIP party, kids tournament, various exhibits and a gala finale.

Event preparations took a full six months, while only five days were available to set up the 1,600 sq. m. of exhibits and ensure the 70 tonnes of red clay were immaculately laid down. Despite the extreme complexity and novelty of the event, it was a huge success.

Pico has supported us and helped us by providing efficient solutions, as succeeded in implementing this large-scale event within 5 days. -Romain Devisme, General Manager, Havas Sports Entertainment, China

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Roland-Garros in Beijing 2012
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