Singapore Day 2014

Singapore Day is a one day reunion for Singaporeans and their families currently living overseas. The celebration is held in a major world city and gathers overseas Singaporeans to give them a taste of home – from hawker fare to home-grown entertainment. Having handled four editions of Singapore Day since 2008, Pico’s expertise in creating and delivering unforgettable events was once again called upon for the 2014 edition.

Spread over 27,000 sq. m. of event space, Pico recreated a slice of Singapore in London’s Victoria Park for over 9,000 attendees. From the entrance archway that resembled Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transport system and goodie bags which included items such as an ‘old school’ exercise book which acted as the programme booklet and a foldable picnic mat inspired by a Singapore vintage monthly calendar; to the concert performance and delectable local food stalls, the audience journey was designed with numerous touch points that induced a nostalgic sense of home for attendees.

One of the biggest challenges this year was the creation of an integrated experiential showcase featuring 23 different government agencies designed to promote and update attendees on Singapore’s social and economic development. With an overwhelming amount of content to be conveyed, the teams united different thematic zones with a common design expression of bold colors and fluid lines. Blending physical structures and graphics with interactive and hands-on rich-media exhibits, we managed to condense heavy content into a lively and engaging experience while still preserving each stakeholder’s unique mood and identity.

Showcasing our unique combination of collaboration and creative thinking, Pico is proud to have helped played a part in fostering a strong ‘Singapore spirit’ and successfully delivered the biggest reunion of Singaporeans in Europe.

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Singapore Day 2014
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