Singapore Motorshow 2015

Making a triumphant return after a seven-year hiatus, the Singapore Motorshow was held at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre in early January. The show was the motoring event of the year in Singapore, as automotive enthusiasts got up close and personal with world-class concept cars and witnessed exciting new auto launches featuring more than 20 car brands, 150 display cars and attracting over 52,000 visitors.

Pico worked alongside event organisers the Motor Traders Association (MTA) and MediaCorp to provide a wide variety of services to several clients at the show. We provided no less than nine unique and awe-inspiring designs for the show for Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki, Honda, Audi, Changan, Jac, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru, Stamford Tyre, H Tyre, Jaguar and Land Rover. We also provided organiser package booths for the three exclusive brands -Mazda, Alfa Romeo and Isuzu.

As the official contractor appointed by MTA, we delivered on all their requirements for ticketing counters, directional signage, banners, shell schemes and the rigging of pelmets and lighting on a very tight timeline – over 200 rigging points were set up within 15 hours.

Our team also delivered a 600 sq. m. exhibition space for Jaguar and Land Rover, creating and promoting awareness of the company’s enduring and its prestigious premier brands. . The look and feel of the exhibition booth was of the highest quality, with a ‘hanging tower’ design giving a majestic feel to the whole space.

Tan Chong Motors, who represent the renowned and dependable Japanese brands Nissan and Subaru in Singapore, had a set-up of 1,240 sq. m. exhibition space. Designing and creating the space according to their brand and corporate guidelines, our team aimed to generate and optimise sales at the show. Our teams made sure to highlight the differences between the brands while striving to keep an even balance at all times, ensuring that one did not overshadow the other.

For Borneo Motors 1,200 sq. m. booth, we created great exposure and heightened awareness for the three global giants, and they represent Lexus, Toyota and Suzuki. Each brand had to be differentiated from the others, yet at the same time integrated into wider exhibition space. Pico delivered a winning outcome by focusing on unique layouts for each brand but delivering a unified look and feel for the whole space.

For Lexus, a brand synonymous with prestige around the world, we built on the positioning of the brand, creating a classy and luxurious feel for their space. For the youthful Toyota brand, we created an engaging ‘wakudoki’ space which means joy, happiness and excitement for photo opportunity feature. Finally, the energetic Suzuki brand portrayed its fun, sporty and affordability through an open concept feel.

Cleverly implementing a common shared area for all three brands, we created a single meeting and bar area in the centre of exhibition space, as well as an entertainment corner featuring games, driving stimulators and interactive displays to engage the visitors.

Overall, all our clients were extremely pleased with the outcome of the show with the excellent experiences they enjoyed at all levels with Pico.

“Thanks for the hard work in producing many of our requirements at short notice, also for the energy spent running around to coordinate and ensure everything proceeded smoothly. Your good cheer and willingness; in sometimes chaotic conditions, was reassuring. I hope there will be opportunities for us to work together in future editions of the Singapore Motorshow.” - Mr Benard Thio, Motor Traders Association of Singapore

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Singapore Motorshow 2015
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