Swarovski Flagship Stores

Swarovski is a world leader in cut crystal with a well-earned reputation for fine craftsmanship and creativity. Since its founding in Austria in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, the brand has drawn upon the cultural heritage of Central Europe and forged links between art, science and economics. Swarovski understands that crystal is a medium that can be applied to fashion and interior décor just as effectively as jewellery, and its flagship Swarovski Crystal Forest stores enable the company keep on top of trends and  customers demands.

The shops in Mumbai Palladium and Chennai Express Mall both embody the prestigious image that Swarovski projects. The façade consist of a series of icicle-like rods that make up a frieze from which the Swarovski logo is boldly projected. Inside the shop, crystal drapery sparkles while small display boxes encased in glass and stainless steel are brightly lit to give each piece of crystal the appropriate luster. An off-white background conveys a dream-like ethereal ambience that underscores the brand’s appeal.

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Swarovski Flagship Stores
Chennai  |  Mumbai