The Bombay Sapphire Gondola at Sydney Airport

Bacardi Lion Australia manages the importation, distribution, sales and marketing of a range of premium beverages for the Australian market. Bombay Sapphire gin is one of their premium spirit brands.

To engage customers and deliver a unique brand experience to travellers at Sydney International Airport, the client commissioned Pico to realise a pre-selected design and to create an emotive retail gondola that captures the true essence of Bombay Sapphire, engaging the users’ sense of touch, sight and smell.

First, the unusual gondola shape and computer-controlled lighting system would catch the customers’ eye. The customers would interact with the display via an illuminated turntable filled with ten botanical glass decanters, which the customer would then open and smell. Finally, a touch screen monitor showing the Bombay Sapphire master mixologist making a signature cocktail would memorably round out the experience.

For Pico, this was an unconventional project which, despite its relatively small size, presented a number of challenges. Its bespoke nature and non-standard retail techniques - from the floating, rotating ‘copper’ basket to the S-shaped layout and the complex lighting - necessitated a large number of mockups and prototype samples before final production.

Creatively overcoming all design and production obstacles, Pico managed to deliver this small but complex project on time, and most impressively, without any compromise to the original concept.

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Bombay Sapphire Gondola