The Future of Us

The Future of Us exhibition was a one-of-a-kind immersive, multi-sensory experiential exhibition which offered a glimpse into how Singaporeans could live, work, play, care and learn in the future. Rounding off a year-long series of SG50 celebrations, the exhibition called on Singaporeans to share their hopes and dreams for themselves, their families and the nation, and encouraged them to participate in steering Singapore safely into the future.

Pico was involved in this inspirational project from start to finish, participating first in content development and the design process and then proceeding to create and materialise the experience through fabrication, multimedia and operations services.

Running for 97 days between December 2015 and March 2016, The Future of Us was set up in the green heart of Singapore, at the Gardens by the Bay. The exhibition pavilion was made up of four massive domes that transported visitors into the year 2030 through an amazing ‘showcase of possibilities’, realised through innovative exhibition techniques like a giant 360-degree dome projection, 270-degree wraparound LED show walls with projection model mapping, holograms, transparent screen technology and many others.

Pico’s primary task was to create an integrated multi-sensory environment that was inspiring, memorable and impactful. The overall design of the exhibition needed to convey a clear and compelling story, and be presented in a refreshing, creative way. We succeeded in meeting these objective on so many levels.

This was an exceptionally ambitious undertaking which involved input from 15,000 Singaporeans aged between 4 and 90 and coming from all walks of life. After months of work conducting and curating their input, the five main experiences of The Future of Us were devised. The first was seven minute, 360-degree dome video created and narrated specially for the event and combining live actors with an entirely computer-generated environment. The second experience was a photo-realistic immersive video depicting what it might be like to live in the future, broadcast on a vast 25m x 3m LED screen stretching around a large room, at the centre of which lay a future master plan of Singapore video-mapped onto a special model table.

The third experience was an imaginative journey into a futuristic Singapore, giving the visitor a fascinating walk through and peek into ‘the windows of our future’, to see how Singaporeans might live, work, play and care in the year 2030. The fourth experience involved reaching out to each visitor through a high-tech ‘wishing well’ which collected and collated the wishes of the visitors, while the fifth and final experience saw visitors playing together to power their dreams.

The storyline and flow of information presented in the Future of Us Pavilion was critical to engaging visitors. Pico harnessed the power of cutting-edge audio visual presentations, interactive installations, videos, visuals, infographics, simulations, illustrations, charts and graphs to distil and present complex information; ensuring that every concept was easily understood and not too ‘text-heavy’. In terms of the structure, the pavilion’s striking mosaic-like façade design, made of over 11,000 unique lattice panels, left a lasting impression on visitors and its attractive, modern and iconic design became a talking – and photo – point throughout the duration of the exhibition.

The preparation and hard work of the Pico team and our partners resulted in massive exposure and success for The Future of Us. Visitor numbers were extremely impressive – over 4,000 visitors arrived on the first day alone and a total of close to 400,000 visitors over the 97 days. The exhibition’s Facebook page attracted 36,000 ‘likes’, while Channel News Asia aired a 30-minute documentary called ‘Creating The Future of Us’, which heavily featured the Pico Singapore team.

 “It has been my absolute honour to serve with what I think has to be the crème de la crème, the Justice League of Pico at the top of your game. An impossible project when we started with barely just over 9 months in CNY 2015 and then running a full-fledged ops from 1 Dec became not only possible but enjoyable on many many occasions. Thank you for bearing with us and our demands and constantly responding with so much lightning speed and flexibility.” - Gene Tan, Creative Director, The Future of Us, Centre for Liveable Cities, Ministry of National Development

Video: Courtesy of Singapore Future Exhibition Project Office & Ministry of Communications and Information

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