The Magical Launch of the Infiniti Q50

Car launches are highly competitive events, with brands constantly trying to outperform each other in terms of glitz, glamour and grandeur. For the Bahrain launch of its new Q50 sedan, Infiniti took it to the next level by using a dramatic illusion to suddenly reveal the car to an audience of guests and VIPs.

Pico helped make the magic happen through our venue setup, entertainment supply and multimedia services, designing the stage and providing an incredible ambiance, intensified through light and sound as the show built up to its climax.

With the acclaimed Magician Gaston Quieto – consultant to David Copperfield and Criss Angel – in control of the illusion, it was important that the spectacle unfolded flawlessly. Numerous practice sessions were required to ensure that the show was perfectly timed, but with extra personnel on hand to ensure everything went smoothly, the dramatic reveal of the Q50 was a perfectly choreographed, making this one of Infiniti’s distinctive launches of the year and a brand-new spectacle for Bahrain.

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The Magical Launch of the Infiniti Q50
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