VIVA Ramadan Tent at the Ritz Carlton Manama

Pico made several high-profile contributions to Bahrain’s 2013 Ramadan celebrations. One project we were particularly proud of was designing and managing the transformation of the existing tent at the Ritz Carlton into a Ramadan-themed environment.

Our team decided to create a brand new and exclusive environment through the extensive use of lighting effects and exquisite decorative elements and items. Carefully planned to exude an aura of exceptional quality, we used both indoor and outdoor lighting effects in combination with understated branding elements to ensure subtle, yet clear representation of the sponsor, VIVA.

We also managed to take care of the environment at the same time: instead of employing many purpose-built decorative items, the atmosphere was created mainly through different lighting effects. The design and construction process was also carefully planned to allow the re-use of decorations at other events and exhibitions through innovative adaptations.

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VIVA Ramadan Tent at the Ritz Carlton Manama
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