Volkswagen Import (China) 9th Annual Dealer Conference

In January 2011, Volkswagen invited 255 Chinese delegates to participate in a five-day programme that included a conference, gala dinner and team-building exercises. A priority for the event was to generate a premium ‘brand immersion’experience, delivered via painstaking attention to detail.

This was demonstrated by the royal treatment delegates received upon their arrival in Singapore. A VIP reception was arranged to ensure that all attending could network and get to know each other. Daily surprise room drops and personalised caricatures were provided as thoughtful ways to make each delegate feel individually special. Each delegate also received a farewell gift at the conclusion of the event.

One of the major challenges facing the event team concerned the logistics of holding a car launch followed by a themed dinner in the same space. The two-hour interval between the events would leave little time for the car launch set to be cleared. In the final plan, the launch featured two vehicles positioned against a black-and-white line drawing of the Singapore skyline. Elsewhere, white was used as the main colour theme, appearing in everything from the draperies to furnishings, imbuing the event with a clean, modern aesthetic that exemplified the brand.

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Volkswagen Import (China) 9th Annual Dealer Conference