Wanda Movie Park in Nanchang

The ‘city’ part of the Wanda Cultural Tourism City is no exaggeration; more than just a theme park, its vast 200-hectare area in Nanchang offers visitors everything from roller coasters to restaurants to retail and hotels.

For many, however, the main attraction is perhaps its most novel one: its innovative, interactive movie park, which Pico played a crucial behind-the-scenes role to design and launch.

The Wanda Movie Park – in many ways the ‘crown jewel’ of the Wanda Cultural Tourism City’s massive range of attractions – was conceived as a masterpiece of interactive fun and games. Visitors to the indoor complex would fight 3D monsters; soar over Jiangxi Province in a realistic flight simulator.

Pico’s task was to bring all these elements together into a design concept and to build the concept, while strictly managing the entire project. This also included project management the specialist company which was contracted to provide the ride systems. All the sophisticated elements of the park would have to be up and running by the Wanda Cultural Tourism City’s opening date in May 2016.

The Park’s design evolved directly from its two major interactive attractions, with a 3D monster zone and a flight simulator zone constituting its major elements. As well as designing bright, dramatically swoopy interiors in keeping with the entertainment theme, the team also had to make them support the high technology behind the fun.

The former included 96 projectors and 48 perforated screens in the main hall alone. Lighting installations – consisting of dimmable LED lamps with intelligent central control – were selected to use energy efficiently in line with National Design Standards for Green Buildings.

Another piece of LED-based tech is the park’s multimedia 3D floor painting, paired with a video backdrop of a waterfall to create a stunning ‘being there’ experience. In yet another public area, sound effects and advanced visual effects from no less than 10 projectors, and an unusual textured ceiling design are precisely integrated to give visitors a magical impression of ever-shifting patterns on a large porcelain vase.

Managing the project was fully as complex as designing and building its spaces and installations. Along the way, the Pico team was in constant communication with more than 10 departments within Wanda to handle the project’s multiple elements.

To ensure smooth, high quality final implementation, many of the more complex items that formed part of the design were trail-assembled at the factory prior to installation. At all times, the Pico team also ensured strict safety and fire control practices on the site.

In the end, the close management and expertise of those designing and building the attraction paid off: Wanda Movie Park was delivered on time for a spectacular opening.

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Wanda Movie Park in Nanchang