Jaguar F-PACE Launch

The off-road capabilities and ride height of Jaguar’s F-PACE mark a departure for the famed British carmaker; but in virtually every other respect, the new car is fully incorporated with all the sensuous style, sportiness and luxury that made the marque an icon.

‘Performance Elevated’ was an apt theme for the launch of Jaguar’s F-PACE.

For the Pico team, the task was to convey this F-PACE essence for the vehicle’s official Hong Kong launch at the Aberdeen Marina Club. The event would be divided into distinct afternoon and evening segments, the former catering to approximately 80 members of media and the latter a private affair for 300 invited VIPs. Specific contributions from the team included the launch concept, production of a launch video and an on-site show, and event management.

The activity centred around a specially built stage located next to the Club swimming pool. The pool played a special role in the presentation of the F-PACE: the highlight of the event came when swimwear-clad models emerged from the pool to demonstrate the waterproof quality of the car’s ‘Activity Key’.

As night fell, the second phase of the launch went into effect. VIP guests were transfixed by a Pico-produced video evoking the essence of F-PACE– its unparalleled combination of spirited performance, style and practicality. The vision dramatically became reality when the canvas projection screen dropped to reveal the actual F-PACE ‘S First Edition’ and ‘35t Prestige’ models, accompanied by a fanfare of fireworks.

Reaction to the F-PACE launch event was overwhelmingly positive among press, invited guests and Aberdeen Marina Club members alike. As well as getting Jaguar’s latest model off to a roaring start in Hong Kong, the success of the event led directly to the creation of Jaguar Land Rover Summer Indulgence event at the same venue.

Held exclusively for Marina Club Members a few weeks after the launch, Summer Indulgence included test-drives and car displays, as well as such activities as a boat trip, cigar and wine tasting, all provided by sponsors specially selected by the Pico team.

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Jaguar F-PACE Launch
Hong Kong
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